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Break out your history books

The leading Venue Management Software on the market in the nightclub industry today.

F or over a decade UrVenue has consistentely powered the highest grossing nightclubs in the world; in 2012, the top 3 were powered by UrVenue as well as 13 of the top 20 according to Nightclubs & Bar. It is through these customers that we have designed and developed the most complete system for large and small venues by far.

Like most reservations systems, you can print your guest list or check your guests through an iPad. You can also seat your guests and manage your floor. Although, UrVenue is much more than a reservation system.

You can have a wide range of incoming entry points for leads and track where reservations come from. We also have email notifications that are sent to your guests when they submit a reservation. There is a request manager for you to approve reservation requests if you wish to moderate them. Hosts and Promoters can also enter reservations under their names so you can track commission payments. Tickets sold by various companies will also go into UrVenue so you can print a complete list. UrVenue will assemble all your reservations from a number of different sources for you to manage and have at your door. If you offer bottle service, you can pre-plot your guests and manage tables in real time. You can also associate spendings with your customers. Additionally, there is a whole CRM to manage your customers and create campaigns to target them. The suite of tools UrVenue contains are too many to list, contact us today for more info!

What sets us apart?

  • Not all clubs are run the same, and for that reason UrVenue is incredibly customizable. UrVenue doesn't tell you how to run your clubs, you tell UrVenue how to run.
  • Large customers mean large databases and only UrVenue allows you access to millions of past reservations instantly. The protection of your data is our top priority. Your data is simply that, your data. UrVenue simply stores it on its' servers in the United States and makes it available through the Urvenue interface. UrVenue is based on Internet technologies with security as a primary concern. This included your data and all other confidential information. We use many tools to ensure that this information is only available or accessible by users approved by your company's administrator for our services.
  • We have a team of 15 full time developers and a separate in-house support system. This gives us the ability to support the needs of thousands of users and provide the assistance needed so any problem is resolved in a timely manner.
  • We don't sell tickets, we can't interact with your users by contract. Your customers belong to you. Instead, we connect you with our partners who integrate with UrVenue and count the largest nightlife ticketing companies.
  • We send you business through our network of partners as well as promoters, which will increase your traffic and revenue.
  • UrVenue provides numerous APIs to integrate anything you want, from Websites to Facebook to Mobile Apps, which allows YOU to control your content and generate leads from viisitors. We can do all the work for you or work closely with an agency of your choice.
  • Data security is a priority for us. You precisely control what your users can see and do and any data export has a second layer of authentication.
  • Full-fledged CRM, marketing and blast capabilities. You won't need to worry about integrating with a separate CRM system.

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